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One Layer Cake Recipes

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One layer cake recipes, in their delightful simplicity, epitomize the comfort and charm of home baking. From easy vanilla cake recipes to decadent single layer chocolate cake and more.

With an emphasis on clarity and enjoyment, these cakes from scratch prove that a single layer, when made with care and creativity, can rise to the occasion, captivating palates and sparking joy in every slice!

One layer cake recipes.

What makes a one-layer cake different from other cakes?

A one-layer cake is a single layer of cake with no additional layers stacked on top. It’s perfect for smaller gatherings or when you want a simpler, quicker cake without multiple layers of frosting or filling.

How much frosting do I need for a one-layer cake?

For a one-layer cake, around 1 to 1.5 cups of frosting should suffice for a moderate covering, with a bit extra if you prefer decorative touches.

How can I decorate my one-layer cake if I don’t have piping skills?

There are plenty of simple decoration options. Dust your cake with powdered sugar, top it with fresh fruit or edible flowers, drizzle it with a simple glaze, or spread a rustic swirl of frosting on top.

Best Single Layer Vanilla Cake Recipes

Discover my best single layer vanilla cake recipes, a diverse array brimming with variations like zesty lemon, fruity infusions, comforting banana, and even vegan options, all grounded in the timeless and classic base of vanilla.

Single vanilla cake and one layer banana cake.

One Layer Chocolate Cake Recipes

Indulge in our exclusive array of one layer chocolate cake recipes, each boasting a lavish chocolate base elevated by unique accents such as crunchy nuts, decadent flourless options, basic chocolate cake, the sculptural charm of Bundt cakes, intense fudgy textures and the moist chocolate cake with olive oil.

Walnut cake and flourless chocolate cake.

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