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Green Goddess Broccoli Crust Pizza

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I couldn’t choose between a ‘Mean Green Broccoli Pizza’ or ‘Green Goddess Broccoli Crust Pizza’, well now you know which one I chose, I thought both were great but greens aren’t mean, they’re only mean in a super healthy fighting off disease way but not nasty mean. Am I confusing you as much as I’am confusing myself?


Welcome to our pizza party you guys!! A very green one at that! Now I’m a very traditional pizza base kind of gal so when I made this broccoli pizza crust I already had high expectations. Trust me, the broccoli taste does not over power the other toppings, it’s subtle, delicious and nutritious. I approve! Do you?!

I’m here again to show you that you can still continue to enjoy your favourite meals whilst still being healthy and having every label underneath the sun. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, nut fee, egg free, so on and so on, you catch my drift? I prefer not to put labels on my diet because you automatically have many restrictions and that just makes it harder for us to stay on the bandwagon. It’s all about getting a wide variety of healthy, organic foods, including fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, raw treats and whatever else you desire, the list goes on but we ain’t got no time for that right now because this pizza party needs to get pumping!



Get the kids involved because this pizza has hidden vegetables in it that you need to be feeding your little ones to grow big, strong and healthy!

When cooking this pizza in the oven, I suggest you leave it in there until it’s slightly golden all over and the edges begin to get a little crispy. Because when you add your toppings and cook those through, the crust will begin to soften, so keep it crispy! I also mention in the recipe to use flax eggs to replace regular eggs if you want a complete vegan pizza. I haven’t tried this broccoli pizza crust recipe using a flax egg (only regular) but I have full faith that you won’t have a problem in doing so. It just needs to help bind the crust mixture together. Once it gets cooking, it will hold it’s shape much better than it does when you’re spreading it out onto your tray.

When are you going to make this?? It makes a wonderful healthy and fun weekend dinner meal or whip it up in no time on week nights (because there is no fussing around with regular pizza dough). I think you will enjoy this one, it’s pretty special and just look at all of those greens bursting with vibrance and chlorophyll! ENJOY!


Green Goddess Broccoli Crust Pizza
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Pizza, Gluten Free, Vegetarian/Vegan
Serves: 1 medium sized pizza. Serves: 2-4
  • Crust
  • 1 small-medium broccoli head, stem removed
  • 2 medium/large eggs or 2 flax eggs*
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 Tbsp dried Italian herbs
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • **Optional: ⅓ - ½ cup all purpose flour, gluten free if preferred, adding in a little at a time if needed to help bind mixture together.
  • Toppings
  • ½ cup store-bought tomato pizza sauce
  • ⅓-1/2 cup grated vegan cheese or cheese of choice
  • 1 small green capsicum, thinly sliced
  • Small handful rocket leaves (arugula), washed
  • Small handful curly kale leaves, washed and roughly chopped
  • Small handful cherry tomatoes
  • Sprinkle Himalayan pink salt, to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 180ºC (356ºF) and line a large baking tray or round pizza tray with parchment paper or a sprinkling of flour. Set aside.
  2. Roughly chop broccoli into smaller chunks. Add to a high speed food processor, blend on high until broccoli resembles crumb. Transfer to a mixing bowl.
  3. Add eggs, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper, mix until well combined.
  4. Pour mixture onto prepared base, gently spread it out with the back of a spoon until desired size and thickness, approx.
  5. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until lightly golden and the edges have begun to crisp up.
  6. Remove and let cool for 5 minutes.
  7. Add toppings and any other desired toppings to the pizza base. Sprinkle over Himalayan pink salt to taste.
  8. Return to oven and cook for a further 10-15 minutes or until toppings are cooked and cheese has completely melted.
  9. Remove, slice and serve immediately!
  10. Enjoy!
*Use larger eggs to help bind and hold the mixture of the crust.
** Add a little all purpose flour of choice (gluten free or regular) to assist in holding the crust together if needed. Approx. ⅓ cup - ½ cup.
Store leftovers in an airtight container, refrigerated, for 2-3 days.
You can add or take away any topping you desire.
I kept my cherry tomatoes whole for the images but you can slice them or cut them in half.



  1. Hello I followed this recipe to almost exactly what you had I just didn’t add salt and pepper cuz I can’t eat them.after trying to make the broccoli dough crust also flipping it over so the one side could get same heat exposure the broccoli dough in the middle came out mushy and crumbled apart why?im sorry it is so frustrating

    1. Hi Michael, I’m so sorry to hear this! Because it’s not a traditional pizza crust, it’s not as stable as regular pizza and is in fact slightly “mushy” on the inside of the crust. I can suggest using larger eggs (if you hadn’t already) because that will help bind the mixture together even more. If you would like to attempt this recipe again, I would also recommend adding some all purpose flour of choice into the mixture, to again, help bind and hold that crust together, approx. 1/3 cup – 1/2 cup. I will also add these suggestions into the notes of this recipe. Thank you for letting me know about the trouble you have been having, hopefully my suggestions will improve your end result even more. Sam

      1. Hey it’s ok!thank you so much!do you think sunflower flour or flax seed flour which is flax seed meal is good enough for a flour?instead of using flour.how do you make ur vegan eggs?online it says one tsb I think it’s called for three tsb of water.thanks so much again!

        1. Hi Michael, I actually haven’t used either of those flours before in baking/cooking. I have heard that sunflower flour is a great replacement for almond meal. So you can try using the sunflower four (or the flax seed meal) instead of the all purpose flour, as a “meal” would be my next option if I didn’t use regular flour, if that makes sense!
          Here is my recipe for a vegan flax egg:

          Hope this helps! 🙂

          1. hey samantha thank you so much i really appreciate yot help!it unfortunately never turned out right but i tried lol. Thanks again so much! -mike

          2. You’re so welcome Michael! Sorry it didn’t work out for you. I hope to add more vegetable based pizza crusts in the future and hopefully different types of vegetables will give better results. Have a great week! 🙂

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