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Eggless Cake Recipes for Every Occasion

Eggless cakes are easy to make at home and this collection features cakes baked without eggs perfect for any occasion!

This collection showcases a variety of flavors and styles, from the rich and decadent to the light and airy. Whether you’re looking for a classic eggless vanilla and chocolate cake, a lush egg-free cheesecake, or something more unique like a vegan hummingbird cake, we’ve got you covered.

Explore these tried and true favorites from a passionate community of bakers and embrace the joy of baking cakes without eggs, and find your new go-to cake recipe for every celebration!

Four eggless cake recipes on graphic.

What to Replace Eggs With in Cake?

Common egg replacements in baking cakes include mashed bananas, applesauce, yogurt, flaxseed meal mixed with water, vinegar + baking, and commercial egg replacers. Each substitute works best in specific types of cake recipes.

Do Eggless Cakes Taste Different?

Yes, eggless cakes can taste slightly different from those made with eggs. The taste and texture might change depending on the substitutes used (like bananas or yogurt), but they can still be delicious and satisfying.

Why is my Eggless Cake Chewy?

Eggless cakes can turn chewy if the gluten in the flour is overworked, or if there’s too much liquid from substitutes. It’s important to mix the batter just enough to combine the ingredients well without over-mixing to ensure a moist and fluffy eggless cake.

Eggless Cake Recipes for Every Occasion

From classic flavors like banana and vanilla to indulgent egg-free cheesecakes and unique bundt options, find the perfect cake recipe to satisfy your cravings without using eggs.

Did you enjoy this roundup of eggless cake recipes? Which one of these recipes are you going to make first? I would love to hear what you think by leaving a comment and star rating below, it’s much appreciated. Thank you! Sam x

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