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Peanut Chocolate Strawberry Cookies

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Oh hello! Long time no talk! Well it hasn’t really been that long but it feels that way to me since I have been a been absent over the past week on here. Not to fear, a new cookie recipe is here, woohoo!! Gluten free deliciousness coming your way today and I promise that you won’t even believe they’re gluten free. Peanut butter based cookies flavoured with chocolate and real strawberry chunks, ohh come to Mumma! These beauties are all prepared in one bowl (those are the best kind don’t you agree?!) and soft, chewy and oh so yummy and irresistible!


If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen these beauties before and after coming out of the oven, who else enjoy’s watching other people’s baking whilst they’re baking? I was so happy with the outcome of these yummy chocolate peanut butter and strawberry cookies, soft, morish, easy and all done in one bowl, now that is am awesome cookie recipe isn’t it?! I recommend chopping your strawberries up into nice small cubes, allowing more to end up in one cookie, bursting into your mouth with freshness, durr! If you love a great peanut butter cookie recipe, check out my Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies, I did jazz up that recipe which resulted in this brand spankin new peanut cookie recipe.

Guess what you guys! I know this is completely irrelevant but I feel the need to share this milestone, I’m officially a coffee drinker! (ok ok it’s not really a “milestone” but I’m pretty excited about it) you will usually find me consuming hot chocolates, black tea or peppermint tea but now I’m loving myself sick in the mornings with my coffee, I’m now convinced when people say it gives you that jumpstart you need to start your day, that may wear off though. Anyways, you can now expect more coffee flavoured recipes coming your way soon on my blog because it’s my new obsession!


So to start off your week, you need to make a batch of these tasty and simple gluten free cookies. They’re perfect for school and work lunches or to enjoy over your weekend. My favourite part is impressing your guests with a batch of great tasting gluten free cookies because I always hear people starting away from anything gluten free because they’re convinced they don’t taste good or “normal”, wrong! You will not notice the difference…


Peanut Chocolate Strawberry Cookies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
One bowl, soft and chewy gluten free peanut butter based cookies. Flavoured with chocolate and irresistible fresh strawberries chunks, gluten free cookies have never tasted so good!
Recipe type: Gluten Free
Serves: 12 cookies
  • 1 cup crunchy peanut butter
  • ⅔ cup coconut sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla bean extract
  • ¾ cup desiccated coconut
  • ¼ cup cacao powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 egg
  • ½ cup fresh strawberries, diced
  • ½ cup dark chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 180ºC (356ºF) and line a baking tray with parchment paper, set aside.
  2. In a large mixing bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer, combine peanut butter, coconut sugar and vanilla, beat until well combined.
  3. Add in coconut, cacao and baking soda, beat well.
  4. Beat in egg.
  5. Fold through strawberries and chocolate chips.
  6. Using your hands, form cookies, approx. 1-2 Tbsp of mixture per cookie.
  7. Place them on your prepared baking tray, 2 inches apart, pressing down on them slightly.
  8. Bake cookies for 10-12 minutes.
  9. Let cookies cool on tray for 10-15 minutes before removing.
  10. Transfer to a wire cooling rack to cool completely.
  11. Serve and Enjoy!
Store in an airtight container, in the pantry, for 3-5 days.



  1. Peanut butter, coconut AND strawberries? Oh my goodness! ♥♥♥
    Totally going to try this. With a flax egg or mashed banana to substitute the egg, maybe! Sending you love! xxx

    1. Hi Salwah! I know, it’s one of the most perfect sweet combos isn’t it?! I’m sure those substitutes will work just fine. I hope you enjoy, have a wonderful day! xx

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