Small Batch Vanilla Cupcakes

6 simple vanilla cupcakes

Perfect for when you only need a recipe for 6 cupcakes, these are topped with a whipped vanilla buttercream frosting & are incredibly fluffy and soft!


- Plain flour - Baking powder - Salt  - Butter - Granulated sugar - Egg  - Milk - Extra virgin olive oil - Vanilla extract - Icing sugar

STEP 1: Whisk dry  ingredients together

STEP 2: Cream together butter & sugar

STEP 4: Beat in egg

STEP 5: Beat through liquid Ingredients 

STEP 6: Beat in dry to create the batter

STEP 6: Spoon batter into paper cups & bake

STEP 6: Make frosting by creaming together the ingredients 

STEP 6: Pipe frosting onto cupcakes & enjoy